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Officiating Opportunities

Just like the swimmers competing in the pool, there is an incredible amount of opportunities for technical officials to excel in the area and progress along the prescribed pathway from local to state to national to International level officiating appointments. But it all starts at the local level - Click Here

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Officials from all regions and occasionally from interstate are all invited to attend all Swimming Queensland Preparation and Championship meets. Here you will meet some incredible people from all over Queensland, but also increase your knowledge and respect of the officiating process. Whilst a little more high profile than local meets, it is no more important as integrity, fairness and adherence to the rules is paramount at all levels of swimming.

Furthermore, officiating at state level meets provides you with the confidence and abilities to move up to the national level.

Officiating at a national level allows you to be present at the largest swimming meets conducted in Australia, including Australian Age and Open Championships, as well as Commonwealth Games, World Championship and Olympic Trials.

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Once you have met the requirements and showed your enthusiasm, confidence and performance under pressure across the variety of on pool and / or control room functions at local, state and national levels, their is the opportunity to be selected by Swimming Australia to be appointed to the FINA technical official list for a 4yr term (2 term limit). This is a very prestigious list of officials that may be selected to officiate at a variety of international meets, including the Olympic Games. Australia features prominently on the list.

The current FINA list can be found HERE

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