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Exercise Physiology


Exercise physiology is the study of the acute responses and chronic adaptations to a wide range of physical exercise conditions. It is important for coaches, parents and athletes to have a basic understanding of the physiological responses to training and of the biological development of the young athlete as this knowledge should be implemented to maximize the child's potential. Again, before utilising any of the resources below, it is vital for swimmers to discuss their individual requirements with their coach and if required, an accredited exercise physiologist.



Swimming Australia's iSwim app is an incredible resource provided by Swimming Australia to gain an insight into all things swimming. Click the below link to learn more. The app is available on both iTunes and Google Play.

iSwim App information



Swimming Science has produced a comprehensive 236 page ebook on Dryland for Swimmers. Whilst being very clinical in terms of reports and findings, it is the most comprehensive guide. If you want to know more than you need to know on dryland training, click on the link below.

Dryland for Swimmers - ebook



Dryland for Swimmers poster. Produced by Swimming Australia this poster gives a comprehensive warm-up routine. It isn't the greatest quality but is still useful.

Dryland for swimmers poster



Below is a link to a raft of dryland exercises, workouts and explanations, including instructional videos from

Dryland for Swimmers - videos

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