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Nutrition & Diet


The food we eat has a direct impact on athletic performance and overall health and wellbeing. When involved in sport and wanting your body to perform at a certain level, it's essential to be choosing the best food options.


NOTE: the links below are provided as a reference point to gather information. We do not have a partnership with any of these providers. We recommend you conduct your own research, or see a professional dietitian for a personalised and comprehensive nutrition plan.


This article has been written by Sports Dietitians Greg Shaw and Steph Gaskell and includes fantastic tips on the swimming nutrition jigsaw puzzle - link.


Getting through a school day can be a challenge for young swimmers, so having the right mix of foods in your lunch box can be a huge help! This article outlines what you can put in your lunch box to make sure you are getting the right mix of foods throughout your day - link.


Incredible free resources from Apple to Zucchini - link.


Assistance from Apple to Zucchini regarding Injury Return Nutrition - link.


Food for your sport - Swimming - from Sports Dieticians Australia - link.


Eat right, swim faster - an article from - link.


A comprehensive meal plan for swimmers guide from - link.

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